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people excusing dean telling a mentally ill cas that nobody cares that he’s broken and making it about dean and saying it’s the way he expresses his feelings towards cas and ‘destiel so tragic so beautiful they love each other so much’


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I know what I want for my birthday.

Oh my God, I haven’t laughed this hard in forever and mostly because this is the only vibrator I can ever imagine Dean Winchester using aside from California Exotic’s COLT line of bullet vibes because they’re MANLY.

upside: hide your sex toy among the ammo, no one will ever suspect

downside: chance of accidentally either loading a vibrator into a shotgun or putting a real slug casing up your butt

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yeah i think polyamorous boyfriends dean and castiel are my new favourite thing

dean and cas taking too ladies home and racing to see who can get her off first (classic)

dean and cas going to divey bars and wingmanning each other

dean making out with a girl until cas comes up behind him and clears his throat. dean cocks his head to one side and asks if cas would like a turn (he would, and this very lucky girl is happy to oblige)

cas coming home from dates with leftovers for dean

dean walking in on cas in bed with another man and making dumb jokes about it (“cas how could you!” “dean your tongue was literally ass deep in this selfsame man earlier today”)

dean and cas going on double dates and then dishing the details over brunch the next morning (if they get so hot and bothered reminiscing they end up fucking in a diner bathroom, well, so be it)

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Anonymous asked: could you do a fic were cas and dean "accidentally" grab hands on a hunt?! maybe sam is there idk. PLEASE PLASE <3<3


Dean just meant to tap him on the hand, he swears. He just meant to tap him on the hand as they were waiting in the car for Sam to give the go-ahead as a small, “hey, look at me” gesture. Why he wanted Cas to look at him is neither here nor there, really, because does he need a reason? No, he just wanted Cas’ attention cause, well, he likes Cas’ attention, whatever, and those eyes… those eyes on him like he means something. Dean can’t be faulted for wanting that.

So he taps him. He moves his hand over to Cas’ hand and presses his fingers down on the smooth back of it, but when they touch, he finds he cannot lift his hand off. He finds he doesn’t want to. So before Cas has even noticed, his hand is curling over Cas’. 

Castiel looks up, eyes wide and wondering. 

"Dean?" he asks.

Dean smiles shyly. “Yeah?” he croaks, hoping desperately Cas will not tell him off.

Cas studies his face for a silent moment, but apparently finding within it what he needs, he turns his palm upwards under Dean’s and clasps their hands together.

"Nothing," he shakes his head, and turning his head to look back out the window into the dark night, Dean spots a small smile peeking out the corner of his lips. Dean ducks his head in a horrible attempt to hide a grin.

Outside, Sam just rolls his eyes, having witnessed the whole thing.

"God," he huffs. "Finally."

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Cas values Sam more than revenge. He couldn’t bear to lose Sam. The end no longer justifies the means if it means Sam has to die. Cas understands why Sam is the way he is. He tells Sam that it’s ok to make mistakes and screw up. He wants Sam to see how much he’s worth. I am crying.

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always here for sam and cas being nice and being pals and interacting and b eing happy snd relating
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angels and humans feel guilt in different ways. humans see their mistakes as evidence of character flaws and endeavor to change themselves to fix it; angels will shrug it off, acknowledge that they are responsible, but they can’t quite see that it’s themselves who are inherently flawed and they don’t seem to grasp that it’s their personalities and natures that lead to their mistakes.

i think that when cas said he finally understood guilt after becoming human, he didn’t mean that he’d never been guilty before. he was extremely remorseful after season six, to the point where he would have killed himself. what he meant was that he understood guilt as humans understand it— how when you’ve done so much wrong you can no longer put reason over emotion, it’s no longer possible to set aside your mistakes when you’re so painfully aware that the problem is you.

as an angel, cas never understood how much it must have hurt for sam’s mistakes to have been shoved at him so many times— when guilt for you is a fact rather than an oppressing and overwhelming sense, how can you, really? i think that in this episode cas was just trying to empathize with sam, because he knows now how you can become so overcome that you just want to die. even in his darkest hour angelic cas kept trying to make things better, because that only seemed natural to him, and he was trying to tell sam that he understood why sam wanted to give up (and why that wasn’t a good thing to do) 

This is how I see it too. Cas has felt emotions since late season 4, at least. From last season, we know that he’s felt emotions for millions of years, constantly reset. I can see where they were saying that he now fully knows and experiences them, because he’s had a human experience. 

I just hope this is expanded on more so it won’t just seem like he’s now somehow more knowledgable and before he’d been in the dark.

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#CommonRacistResponses is a hashtag created by @ChaosGawd to discuss how socialization in a White supremacist society plus White privilege (to obscure this actual socialization and make it appear as if Whiteness as “boiler plate” and “the norm" is a legitimate stance) reveal how Whites use the same tired, easily disproven (though should not be a requirement; our humanity as Black people does not require "proof;" we are human; it is anti-Blackness and racism that dictates that we are not) arguments and derailment day after day after day. 

For my examples that I tweeted I addressed: how institutional racism will not be undone with interracial sex; how income inequality is not “just a class issue” but tied to race; the false equalization between Black body dehumanization and some White women not meeting the most extreme aspects of Eurocentric beauty norms yet still access White privilege and beauty privilege in a way that Black women cannot and rarely do, respectively; some White students who do not understand affirmative action, expect college admissions as a birthright, will never suggest that fellow White students who make up more than 75% of all PWIs “took” their slots as it’s always Black students blamed and still believe that Black students are the only ones who get scholarships; the consistent myth of “reverse racism,” which does not exist, at all; nopetastic; the anti-intersectional way in which White women regularly dehumanize and violate Black women’s bodies yet demand that men be held accountable for violation of space, bodies and right to consent to touching

Upon seeing some of these tweets in the hashtag, a White man posed the usual "Blacks are among the ‘most’ racist" type of common racist response to @ChaosGawd. However @ChaosGawd took his ass to school and challenged White supremacy. Naturally by the time the argument was coming to a close, this White man moved from blaming Black people for racism to calling us “monkeys” with “AIDS.” He couldn’t defend a single thing he said (and even resorted to mentioning “the knockout game” as an example of the oppression of Whites, which is laughable). He probably has never had to defend a word as much of White supremacy is about Whites being socialized to have the same narrow, incorrect world view of Black people, hence the common racist responses in the first place. I mean, how is it that they regurgitate the same racist statements over and over without seemingly noticing the sheer quantity of the repetition if not the lack of quality in the statements? Socialization in White supremacy.

And of course this socialization doesn’t only impact them. Many Black people internalize these same messages and believe these things about us, because of our experience with oppression as well. This is why decolonization (unlearning White supremacist thinking), deconstruction (challenging White supremacist thinking) and resistance (protection of self and cultural value against White supremacy) are so important.

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Dean: what. what’s wrong with that. Right, so he’s always had maple syrup before. So what. He must obviously love his maple syrup. But! But, Sam! What if one day he woke up and there was really sweet, juicy strawberry syrup right there in front of him! And maybe at first he was like ‘nAW, I TOTALLY DON’T DIG THAT’ but then. It hAPPENS, Sammy. And mAYBE, MAYBE HE THOUGHT HE MIGHT WANT THAT STRAWBERRY SYRUP, SAmme. MAYBE HE’S HAD MAPLE SYRUP ALL HIS LIFE BUT NOW HE FINDS OUT HE REALLY LIKES THE STRAWBERRY SYRUP. MAYBE HE ALWAYS LIKED THE STRAWBERRY SYRUP ALL ALONG BUT WAS TOO AFRAID TO TRY IT OUT. WHAT’S WRONG WITH WANTING BOTH SYRUPS SAMEY

Sam: Dean why r u getting all worked up over syrup


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i mean yeah ok i can get why benny might get on people’s nerves with the way he is unconditionally loyal and devoted to the people he cares about

and yeah he definitely puts a wedge between dean and cas. like remember that time he called cas out on leaving dean alone in purgatory and opened the doorway for dean and cas to have an actual conversation???

also he’s very aggressive like when he subtly put himself between dean and sam whilst introducing himself bc he could feel the confrontation looming and he didn’t want dean to take the brunt of it

and that whole plot he had where he found out that he actually had living family and he did absolutely everything he could to be apart of their lives, even if it was a small part, even if they never knew.

idk i guess selfless, endlessly loving and whole-heartedly good characters just aren’t everyone’s cup of tea

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